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Unveiling the Majestic Melodies: The Crown Season Three Soundtrack

Welcome to “Fancy Some Drama,” where we indulge in the mesmerizing world of entertainment! Today, we take a deep dive into the enchanting musical realm of the hit series “The Crown” as it ventures into its third season. The captivating historical drama has not only enthralled audiences with its compelling narrative but has also left an indelible mark through its meticulously crafted soundtrack. Join us as we explore the mesmerizing harmonies that underscore the triumphs and tribulations of royalty in “The Crown” Season Three.

The Art of Crafting a Memorable Soundtrack:

When it comes to a period drama as grand as “The Crown,” the soundtrack plays a pivotal role in elevating the viewer’s emotional connection with the storyline. The show’s creators understood this, and for the third season, they once again collaborated with the supremely talented composer, Martin Phipps. His musical genius shines through as he weaves a web of evocative melodies, setting the perfect tone for each scene.

Embracing Change with a New Era:

Season Three of “The Crown” brings a wave of change, both in its cast and the timeline of the British monarchy. As we bid adieu to the exceptional Claire Foy and Matt Smith from the roles of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, we welcome Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies to carry the royal baton forward. This transition also reflects in the soundtrack, which adeptly captures the essence of a new era. Martin Phipps masterfully adapts the musical themes to resonate with the maturity and complexities that come with age and the passing of time.

Diving into the Melodic Tapestry:

  • The Crown’s Main Theme (Extended): The iconic main theme, originally composed by Hans Zimmer, undergoes a seamless extension by Martin Phipps. The majestic orchestration lingers, evoking a sense of grandeur and continuity that binds all seasons together.

  • “Margaretology”: Princess Margaret’s multifaceted character finds its musical embodiment in this track. A blend of melancholy and defiance echoes through the strings, reflecting her struggles to find her identity within the confines of royalty.

  • “Aberfan”: Undoubtedly one of the most poignant episodes in the series, the Aberfan disaster demanded a score that would honor the tragedy. Phipps’ composition does just that, delicately honoring the memory of the lives lost and the community’s grief.

  • “Moonage Daydream”: The vibrant and rebellious spirit of the ’60s comes alive as Princess Margaret embraces the decade’s counterculture. This track infuses an intoxicating energy into the show, reflecting the newfound liberation felt by her character.

  • “Tywysog Cymru”: In this powerful composition, Phipps pays homage to Wales and its people, encapsulating the investiture of Prince Charles as the Prince of Wales. The track carries a profound sense of Welsh pride and tradition.

The Enduring Impact:

“The Crown” Season Three’s soundtrack serves as a testament to the timeless power of music in storytelling. Martin Phipps’ remarkable ability to evoke emotions through his compositions enriches the viewers’ experience, making “The Crown” an unforgettable journey into the lives of the royal family.


As we conclude our exploration of “The Crown Season Three Soundtrack,” we hope you’ll be enticed to revisit the show with a fresh appreciation for the artistry that lies behind its creation. Whether it’s the grandeur of the main theme or the emotional depth of character-specific compositions, the music of “The Crown” continues to echo in the hearts of fans worldwide. So, dear music enthusiasts and drama aficionados, the curtains have risen, and it’s time to immerse ourselves once more in the majesty of “The Crown” Season Three’s exceptional soundtrack. Happy listening!

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