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Outlander: Season 3 Soundtrack

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The soundtrack reflects the Season 3 storyline. Composer Bear McCreary says: “The epic third season of Outlander spans decades, centuries, and continents. Season 3 transports us from the blood-soaked Culloden moor to twentieth-century Boston, across the Atlantic to the sandy beaches of the Caribbean, before finally crashing onto the shores of the New World. The creative team behind the series encouraged me to push the boundaries of the score far beyond the language I developed in the first two seasons. I cannot imagine any project other than Outlander that would allow me to set a soaring bagpipe melody over blistering congas! As I wrote, I savored every scene, every story arc, and every new location where the story took me. The tracks on this album reflect the season’s varied storytelling, including Afro-Cuban textures, a musical homage to the crushing loss of Culloden, adventure on the high seas, and the reunion of long-separated lovers.”


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