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Anne of Green Gables Original Soundtrack


Along with the girls’ novels “Uncle Ashinaga” and “Young Grass Story”, Lucy Mode Mongomeri, who still continues to be loved in the world, has been transformed into a beautiful landscape of Prince Edward Island, a small island floating in the east of Canada.
Elderly Marila and Matthew’s brother and sister are going to receive a boy’s adoption from an orphanage. But at the station where she was headed to welcome her with her red hair and a slimming girl.
Even if the two were fused at first, they will be caught in an imaginative and bright pace of Anne. A variety of unique events Ann is awaking.
While crying and laughing, the three people gradually develop deep love. In addition, the Santorra version includes music from 2 works “Ann Ann of Red Hair” which depicts an 18-year-old who lives in Marila after Matthew’s death has grown into an adult.
This time, a digital reproduction of the original master’s 35th anniversary. The warm and beautiful music by Hargood Hardy captivates fans with a landscape of nature.


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