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Who We Are?

 My name is Samantha Rife, owner and creator of Fancy Some Drama. I am a professional historian, writer, and lover of all things period drama. I’ve always loved period drama since I was a little girl. The obsession started with the phenomenal Kevin Sullivan adaptation of Anne of Green Gables.


I laughed and cried with Anne. I swooned over Gilbert Blythe. Not to mention, I even swore up and down I would marry a Gilbert one day. (He was always my Mr. Darcy.)


Then, of course, I had to read the actual Anne of Green Gables for myself. From there, there was no going back.


The idea for Fancy Some Drama started in 2008 when I had been the owner of a historical costuming retail shop in Gettysburg for over six years. I had long wanted to expand that shop to include period drama items, but the housing crisis forced us and many other small retail establishments to close.


Fast forward to December 25, 2020. I was watching the debut season of Bridgerton on Netflix and the idea started to gain feasibility again given the massive popularity of period dramas within the last five years with shows such as Outlander, Poldark, and Downton Abbey.


Since then I have been determined to make the only brick-and-mortar woman-owned shop devoted exclusively to period drama and making it a reality.


I want it to be a haven for women (and men) such as myself who love period drama and provide a place for us to gather and discuss books and movies and tv shows. A place where British expats and tourists can find foodstuffs and weekly high teas that remind them of home.


I want this business to grow and thrive for my children and hopefully, contribute to the community also in a positive way. I hope to get to know you all, pick out books for you, pre-order your favourite releases, throw unique events, and inspire you to live a life of your best possibilities.

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